With the appearance of COVID-19, both of my association clients are moving their events online.  Major modifications are in place for both events as we plan to address the need for social distancing, but keep an eye on the future for a return to in-person events.  The goal today is to continue meeting the event needs of the Associations by implementing new procedures that are not temporary, but expandable for that time in the future when we return to in-person events.

IAATO will keep the annual meeting in place for the month of MAY for the foreseeable future, but will keep the meeting ONLINE / VIRTUAL through 2020.  The Association is considering an in-person event for 2021 and considering the continued pattern of holding the annual meeting in the US on EVEN years and globally in the ODD years.  There is a chance the Association may consider flipping this pattern in an effort to support the Providence, RI community (basically home for IAATO).

AIA-AR has cancelled their 2020 Annual Convention scheduled for October in Hot Springs.  In lieu of holding the event in a virtual environment, the Association is currently providing sessions throughout the year online through their virtual meeting platform.  These sessions will be announced as each is scheduled (please refer to the AIA website for updates: https://www.aiaar.org/).  AIA-AR is considering re-opening in 2021 with a new Convention, but will not be making this decision until they have a better understanding of the expected status of the virus and economic conditions.

More to come.